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Holy fucking shit.

I just found a massive fucking playlist of Ska, Ska-Punk, Reggae, etc - all released *this* year.

111 hours of brand new ska to check out.

Holy shit.

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Posting this here for posterity.
If and when RadTown disappears, The Snake Post Office Post will still be available here:

The Snake Post Office Post

A zine brought to you by your friends at The Snake Post Office.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

Boost this Mother Far and Wide!

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Apparently the capitalization of PostMaster is bothering some of you, as Postmaster is one word on its own.

To you I say, Fuck Off. I am the Post Master, Master of Posts.

The next time a German tries to give you shit about the way Americans format their dates, ask them how they fucking say the number 123.

It's playlist time! It's called The One That's Judgmental and it has songs you now love that a younger version of yourself would judge you for on it.
It's overwhelmingly female so good for us now but our younger selves? Yikes.

Enjoy and thank you for participating! #MastoSourcedPlaylist

If you see this toot and want to be part of the project just follow this account and the next prompt is coming on Wednesday.

Just a reminder that I'm in Europe and this boost was the last reminder until the deadline tomorrow at 10AM CET.

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I feel like bands should have at least three studio albums before they put out a Live album. Two isn't enough.

Cadbury Mini Eggs are the only holiday candy I get excited for anymore.

Can't wait til after my one 45-minute therapy session to be cured of all my issues, that's gonna be great.

Here it is, the first playlist under new rule: The One That Starts With J

Thank you to everyone who participated and I hope you like the result.


Question for People Who Have Had a Vasectomy 

The general consensus seems to be, "No, you should not drive yourself home from a vasectomy."

Thanks, everyone.

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Question for People Who Have Had a Vasectomy 

Am I cool to drive myself home after?

Reminder that if you want to be part of the #MastoSourcedPlaylist you should follow @MastoSourcedPlaylist to get the prompt on Wednesday.

There's a new Thai place just around the corner from work, and I am going to absolutely fuck up some Pad Thai, boy howdy.

$20,000 guaranteed basic income and fiber internet for all

In other, other news, I have my first session with a new therapist on Saturday, and I'm having *anxiety* about it.

(I won't though, because my shop is in the scary basement and I can't make myself be down there alone, especially at night, which is when the free time happens.)

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In other news, I got *most* of my woodworking stuff out of my ex-wife's house last week, and I'm fucking jazzed to build something, anything.

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