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Posting this here for posterity.
If and when RadTown disappears, The Snake Post Office Post will still be available here:

The Snake Post Office Post

A zine brought to you by your friends at The Snake Post Office.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

Boost this Mother Far and Wide!

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Apparently the capitalization of PostMaster is bothering some of you, as Postmaster is one word on its own.

To you I say, Fuck Off. I am the Post Master, Master of Posts.

Looking forward to the two-week stretch between lawn-mowing season, and snow-removal season.

One of the best perks of working at The Snake Post Office is all the snake milk I can drink!

Stealing this one, shamelessly, from the hellsite:

Imagine you're the closer for a major league baseball team, and you get to have a full-on entrance from the bullpen.

What's your walk-up song?

Mine's "Bury the Body and Tell No One," from the Blowback Season 2 soundtrack:

It's over 100°F in The Snake Post Office but the Snunion (Snake Union) won't let me turn on the air conditioning.

Etymologically speaking, we have Hobbies now because people in the Middle Ages *really* loved pretending to ride fake horses, apparently.

Made the mistake of trying to poll The Snake Post Office sorting room "by a show of hands" and now I have a meeting with HaSR (Human and Snake Resources) scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Just broke a molar and now I'm realizing that neglecting to find myself a local dentist for the last two years was a real dumb thing to have done to myself.

@touk ska horns in the morning, skankers take warning

Ska horns at night, rudeboys' delight

I finished Stray last night, and I legit think I may start over and play through it again right away.

Do I have legit work to do this morning? Yes, yes I do.

Am I doing any of it? So far, no.

Also, I think that means that chick peas are mathematically very small Cannelloni noodles.

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The existence of Tortelloni and Tortellini, implies a diminutive Macaroni, Macarini.

I heard that every time Randy Newman bones he sings "I've got a friend in you," to his partner. I heard that.

I just started to correct someone on the internet about a comic book, but I pulled myself back from the brink.
That was a close one.

Love to ask a progress-halting yes/no question of a co-worker and get left on read for a half hour.

That's Me Time, baby

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