@Juju @outie @PostMasterGeneral there's also a cheese that goes by the name of "Gepfeffertes Ärschle" (tiny peppered ass)

@PostMasterGeneral not sure what there is to explain. i have ears on my ass, dont you?


Yeah, but not in different colors. They're just normal skin color. 🤷‍♂️

@requrious @PostMasterGeneral @anarchiv
Though I think it was a limited thing and they stopped producing them, I haven't seen them in stores in years

@souvlaki @PostMasterGeneral @anarchiv definitely a missed opportunity. Do they still sell the ones shaped like pizza or the ones shaped like vampire mouths?

@requrious @PostMasterGeneral @anarchiv
I don't think so. They have little liquorice bats with colourful wine gum wings now, though, they're cute

@PostMasterGeneral I have never seen this. But it is representative of German humor.


@PostMasterGeneral sometimes people like to eat ass,,,

@PostMasterGeneral "Arsch mit Ohren" (lit. "Ass with ears") is a somewhat dated insult insinuating that the person being called that has a face like an ass

@PostMasterGeneral 'a butt with ears' is like 'a revolver with sneakers' -- their main noteable characteristic, 'with' some tiny addition that makes it refer to a whole person. means like 'pain in the ass' but .. all ass, all the time, wtf. (usa expat in germany, but happened to be familiar with this one)

@PostMasterGeneral it's a butt with ears, "Arsch mit Ohren". I assume it's as common an insult in German as it is in Danish.

Though Haribo invented this type of sweets, you can get much better ones at gummibaerenland.de/
They used to have their production and outlet just between schools and bus station of Vaihingen.
They also do great at making sweets for advertising

@SanfordianPhil @PostMasterGeneral it means an ass with ears, I don't know if anyone's told you yet, I'm helping

@Louisa @PostMasterGeneral ohhhhhh thanks german and English are so very different that common words are incomprehensible and I have zero idea what context clues are

@Louisa @SanfordianPhil

Thank you, Lois.
Would you like to explain the greater cultural significance?

@PostMasterGeneral @SanfordianPhil ok, you know in Midsummer Night's Dream when Bottom (a clue) gets ass's (clue) ears (clue) from a spell, well

@PostMasterGeneral I'm not a German of Mastodon so I'll explain it: it's a butt head.

@PostMasterGeneral the real arsch mit ohren was the friends we made along the way

@PostMasterGeneral a politically correct choice for all a** eating lovers ❤️

@pup_hime @PostMasterGeneral it's based on a german saying that's basically translates to "your face is your ass"
(du bist ein arsch mit ohren = you're an ass with ears)

i have,,, no idea why haribo turned that into sweets,

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