I have an unreasonable desire to own a butterfly knife.

This is not a thing I need. But I wants one.

If you want cheap knives, of dubious quality, can I recommend the very real website SwordsSwords.com?

(Could be "S Words S Words" it's frankly unclear.)

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@PostMasterGeneral big same. california is weird about knives and other cool shit 🥲 i miss being able to easily acquire like a garishly anodized machete at a state fair


I do have a ridiculous machete, courtesy of my ridiculous brother.

Now I want (need?) a ridiculous butterfly knife and a ridiculous switchblade.

Ridiculous Switchblade is a pretty good band name.

@PostMasterGeneral i was surprised to learn on googling that, while switchblades used to be illegal to possess in Maine, that ban was repealed five years ago.


I'm unclear what the legality is here, but I don't intend to carry them around with me, I just want to play with them at home.


I mean, I ordered them both.

Even if they're shit (they will be) I'm *certain* I will have gotten $30 worth of entertainment from this process.

@PostMasterGeneral no-slip work shoes and walking shoes. I mean they are practical but I didn't need two pairs


I'll allow it, but you're on thin ice, Vuddy.
You better get take-out for lunch or something today.

@Juju @PostMasterGeneral no, not that impulsive. Phasmophobia, I'm now the world's scaredest ghost hunter

@Juju @PostMasterGeneral maybe you should get phasmophobia so you can listen to me whimper "are you there?" and "show yourself"

@Juju @SanfordianPhil

Me too. I know who I am, and who I am is not a person capable of inflicting that game on myself.

@PostMasterGeneral @Juju please come torture yourselves with me while I taught a ghost outlook with its name to try to get a picture of it. This will get me *squints at notes* $20 or death

@PostMasterGeneral @Juju *campfire ghost story voice* annnnd it was a boooooooommmmmerrrrr

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You're probably right.
I believe a switchblade *might* imbue me with enough unearned confidence to attempt riding a motorcycle, yes.


Just a complete and total badass, alone in my bedroom with my switchblade. 😆😆

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