I have an unreasonable desire to own a butterfly knife.

This is not a thing I need. But I wants one.


If you want cheap knives, of dubious quality, can I recommend the very real website SwordsSwords.com?

(Could be "S Words S Words" it's frankly unclear.)

Folks, I am here to report that the knives have arrived, and we've survived our first night together.

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I'm unclear what the legality is here, but I don't intend to carry them around with me, I just want to play with them at home.


I mean, I ordered them both.

Even if they're shit (they will be) I'm *certain* I will have gotten $30 worth of entertainment from this process.

@PostMasterGeneral no-slip work shoes and walking shoes. I mean they are practical but I didn't need two pairs


I'll allow it, but you're on thin ice, Vuddy.
You better get take-out for lunch or something today.

@Juju @PostMasterGeneral no, not that impulsive. Phasmophobia, I'm now the world's scaredest ghost hunter

@Juju @PostMasterGeneral maybe you should get phasmophobia so you can listen to me whimper "are you there?" and "show yourself"

@Juju @SanfordianPhil

Me too. I know who I am, and who I am is not a person capable of inflicting that game on myself.

@PostMasterGeneral @Juju please come torture yourselves with me while I taught a ghost outlook with its name to try to get a picture of it. This will get me *squints at notes* $20 or death

@PostMasterGeneral @Juju *campfire ghost story voice* annnnd it was a boooooooommmmmerrrrr

@SanfordianPhil I'm starting to get interested because doing admin is my shit as a German. @PostMasterGeneral

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You're probably right.
I believe a switchblade *might* imbue me with enough unearned confidence to attempt riding a motorcycle, yes.


Just a complete and total badass, alone in my bedroom with my switchblade. 😆😆

@PostMasterGeneral I’m the same way. Like Bright Eyes says: “My mind races with all my longings but can’t keep up with what I’ve got”


Sometimes, it's ok to just let yourself have the dumb thing. 🤷‍♂️

@PostMasterGeneral Yes, sometimes 😁 But I live in like 220 square feet so I have to be selective

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