It's day!

Let's Get Under the Covers, Babies!
Over 60 songs performed by people who did not make those songs originally! It's fun!

As always, lemme know if you want to be involved in future lists!

Also, I don't know who Daniela Andrade is, but three of you submitted three different songs by them! That's a new record!

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Do I get partial credit if I was *going* to add Bad Guy before someone else beat me to it?

@PostMasterGeneral Nah. I was also going to and had to narrow it down from seven songs (Feeling Good was one of them as well). Then I'd have to marry myself. Ew.

@PostMasterGeneral I think one of mine will be obvious, and @alex might know the other one, based on a recent conversation.

@PostMasterGeneral What is the opposite of a proposal? Because I have that for the person who added Pentatonix.

@PostMasterGeneral the song I wanted to add not being on Spotify really took the wind out of my sails on this one

@Louisa I'm mad that it's also not available in my country because I like that song!

@Louisa @PostMasterGeneral that was so good and what a captivating video too tbh also was meatloaf always hot and i just didn't know, or?

@shade @PostMasterGeneral I've always found him pretty attractive but especially when he's older ✨

@tessaracked @PostMasterGeneral

The internet: Jim Steinman says he was inspired to write this song by the events of the novel Wuthering Heights

Me, eating it up: om nom nom

@PostMasterGeneral this doesn't fit my Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman love affair for the ages narrative, but it's nice

@PostMasterGeneral Yeeey!! :D now I know what I'm listening to all day tomorrow! :)

@PostMasterGeneral i had a spotify playlist of covers i liked that i went to check for this, and it’s empty.. they all got taken down lmao

now i am sad

@PostMasterGeneral justin i want you to know i think about the murderwalking playlist a lot and even put it on in the restaurant once lol

@PostMasterGeneral RIP Regina, slain once again by Rufus Wainwright singing "The Man Who Got Away"

@PostMasterGeneral She does some really good covers! There were two of hers I wanted to add

@PostMasterGeneral Also, it pleases me that a bunch of these are songs I might have added but didn't.

@PostMasterGeneral Most of her albums are entirely covers, that's why

@PostMasterGeneral Also, seeing as the covers thing was a repeat of a previous theme, can I request a repeat of a non-english lyrics playlist? 🙂 Singing in English is overrated!


Absolutely! I may wait a little while though since we just did it, but we can definitely do it again! (Also, if it fits the prompt, you can always add any non-English songs you want to any playlist!)


Sometimes I think people take this as a challenge to send in weird or unusual music instead of music they actually enjoy listening to. Everybody's different, of course, but some of these songs are a struggle to get through. I do appreciate having my horizons broadened beyond the 20-30 ska-punk songs I listen to on repeat though. 🙄

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