Do they make *cool* leather jackets for tall, fat guys? My switchblade is telling me I need a real badass leather jacket.

I don't want to look like I'm wearing a tarp.

@PostMasterGeneral when you go shopping for one, please don't tell them I called them "motorcycle enthusiasts"

@PostMasterGeneral Seconding the motorcycle store recc. You might have to look for something with no branding but I see plenty of tall, fat motorcycle dudes rocking their leather jackets, so I'd go for that cut.

@PostMasterGeneral if the motorcycle jackets are all a million dollars because they have to withstand falling off a motorcycle, there might be some leather bombers that fit the bill 🤔


Also, I should say, I'm not set on it being *real* leather, as long as it's a convincing facsimile. That might drop the price a bit, too.

Fatphobia (internalized) 

@PostMasterGeneral so much internalized fatphobia came flooding through reading this. 😅 😂 🤣 😭

Good luck in your search!

Fatphobia (internalized) 


I'm trying to be better about just accepting myself. There's no point in hiding it: I'm a fat dude!

Fatphobia (internalized) 

@PostMasterGeneral yeah, I feel you. But we still have those internalized triggers we won't know about until we meet them. 😅

@PostMasterGeneral when I lived in the Bay Area, my boy in the leather scene was 6'6" and over 350lbs, and he had way more than just a cool jacket to wear.

@PostMasterGeneral Leather jackets can be had in big/tall men's sizes up to a point, and then, it's bespoke. Domestic leather and craftsmanship will cost more but actually last.

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