Hello friends, it's Thursday, so put this in your ears:

It's the One About to What We're Currently Listening! That reads funny, but I can't rename it without rebuilding the playlist from scratch. Spotify!

I asked my playlisters to tell me what was currently playing in their earbuds, or what the last song they listened to was, and this is what came out. Enjoy!

Me, listening to all the absolute melancholy on this playlist: Y'all good?

Also, this Chemical Brother's song is 2 seconds over the 7-minute threshold.

Doesn't anybody care about the rules?

Whoever added Volbeat, thank you!

My reaction was legit "FUCK YES"

@maloki I never really managed to get into their music. I genuinely wanted to!

Who added Roxette? Reveal yourself!!

@PostMasterGeneral Everyone should be grateful that I wasn't working at the time or it would've been Scooter.

@PostMasterGeneral rules are for people who aren't putting sad songs and waltzes on the playlist

@PostMasterGeneral also, in my defense for sad songs, it is December so alot of people (me) are listening to their most played songs. And it's 2020


I'm discovering that I process things differently than other people. 😆

@PostMasterGeneral *submits weird al's "albuquerque," jamie brockett's "legend of the uss titanic," and iron butterfly's "inna gadda da vida"*


Normally I catch them before I put them on the list, but I missed this one.


I did! It's good!
But overall, I'd say this list is like 75% melancholy.

@PostMasterGeneral yeah man, I just have a special relationship with Death Cab. It’s both sad and uplifting

@PostMasterGeneral I'd expected more weirdness in that playlist tbh

@PostMasterGeneral wow, one of the most coherent masto-sourced playlists so far, and I've saved so many songs

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