How many jars is too many jars?
How do you stop collecting jars?
What can I do with all these jars?

@PostMasterGeneral i admit my first thought was food, but you can also fill them with tiny dinosaurs

@PostMasterGeneral I'm afraid this is just what happens when you live in rural Maine, it can be managed but not cured

@radicalrobit @Louisa

No, that's the name of my new jar-centered podcast, "This is Jarring News: News for the Broader Community of Jar Enthusiasts, Jarheads, and other Adjarcent Hobbyists."

@PostMasterGeneral @infernusgoatus @radicalrobit I like that you slipped "Jarheads" in there, and I can't foresee any problems

@Louisa @infernusgoatus @radicalrobit

It's the common vernacular term for someone really into jars and jar accessories!

@PostMasterGeneral i'm jk, maybe canning? Keeping bulk food? Fermenting? Rooting sprouts? Planting sprouts?

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