Real Talk: We rinsing our rice up in here or what?

@PostMasterGeneral put the rice in a bag and whang it against a tree for about fifteen minutes


I struggle with making myself take the 5 minutes to rinse it, you think I'm gonna put shoes on and exercise for a quarter hour just to make rice?

@PostMasterGeneral I am at one small rince, since if I rince it more, I cannot cook it reliably


You're the first affirmative answer.
What does rinsing it actually do for you?
Explain it like I'm very dumb (because I am.)

@PostMasterGeneral @Louisa Rinse in a seive and double check that there aren't any small stones that would make a nasty crunch.

@PostMasterGeneral it gets rid of extra starch— sometimes you want to keep the starch, like for sushi rice or risotto, so I don't rinse those

But for most other types of rice I don't want it too sticky. Basmati especially, the standard is to "polish" the rice until the water runs clear

@Louisa @PostMasterGeneral also: some people are concerned about arsenic.
not sure rinsing actually gets rid of that lol

@PostMasterGeneral I’ve never bothered, maybe one day I’ll break a tooth on a stone and regret everything but it’s not happened so far

@PostMasterGeneral i just put it right on the pan on the highest heat, it does something similar, but not the same

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