Niche Complaint: I don't like it when Charlie Moore hollers directly into a fish.



They keep showing commercials during Red Sox games for a fishing show called Charlie Moore Outdoors, in which "The Mad Fisherman" holds a freshly caught fish up to his mouth and shouts, "How ya doin'?" directly into the fish.

I find it extremely unsettling every single time, and they must show it at least 3 times a game.

@PostMasterGeneral haha what a weird fucking this to do. I agree that he should not do that

but also how rad would it be if the fish talked back and said "not too fucking good right now"


He has a reputation for being "whacky" but he's mostly just an idiot. 😆

@PostMasterGeneral @ItsJenNotGabby that seems like a pretty rude thing to do
you already caught the fish, no reason to taunt it too

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