I've been *extremely* resistant to setting reminders on my phone for *anything*. I think it's a combination of not wanting to turn my "fun machine" into a "Responsibility Box" and the unearned confidence that I'll just remember this time. I won't.

Letting go of that and using the tools available to me has been a game changer.

@PostMasterGeneral I started using "bedtime mode" and everything going to greyscale is usually pretty good for me to remember to go to bed.

@PostMasterGeneral my life basically revolves around the alarm app on my phone lol. ive tried all sorts of time management/reminder systems but somehow the regular old android alarm app is the one that works for me


Yeah, I'm just using Android alarms and reminders, with occasional gcal alert.
Working wonders for me!

@PostMasterGeneral It has been a game changer for everyone involved. Less stress for SOME people. 👀

@PostMasterGeneral I've been so pleased with the updates to the Reminder app on iPhone, so much easier to use now, especially through Siri. I know people love to poop all over Siri, but I literally just said to my phone "Hey Siri, remind me to put the kombucha bottles in the fridge in 2 days at 6pm" and it will and I love my damn phone for it.


Google's reminder system could use some streamlining, but when it works, it's pretty great.

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