Stacy's Mom came out in 2003.

If Stacy was ~16 in 2003, she'd be ~34 now, possibly with a 16 year old of her own, whose friends might be super horny for Stacy.
Time is a flat circle.


D'you think Stacy's Mom is Gen X?
Like, Stacy's definitely a Millennial, right?

D'you think Stacy's Mom was friends with Stifler's Mom? Does Stacy's Mom also know Elle Woods?

@PostMasterGeneral "Part of the song's inspiration was a friend Schlesinger had growing up who thought Schlesinger's grandmother was hot." Wow....


Maybe she's also the lady that Possum Kingdom was about and she's a vampire now.

@PostMasterGeneral Stacey is just older than the mill z cusps.

Stacy's Mom is probably a boomx, her specific generation would depend on where she grew up.

Like, 1965 feels like her birth year and her opinion on tank girl and empire records will clarify which bracket she fits into

@PostMasterGeneral i was skeptical until i looked at the numbers, but if the oldest Xers were ~38 in 2003, this seems more than plausible.

@PostMasterGeneral Two possibilities:

If the song takes place in the early 80s, Stacy's mom is Silent Generation/Boomer cusp, and best case scenario is she's business woman-y like Joan from Mad Men (hasn't changed her look in ages) or the mom on Who's The Boss.

If it's contemporary to 2003, she's probably early Gen-X and puts out Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats vibes.

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