I'm bisexual.

At various times I've changed my mind about whether or not it's anyone else's business. I've had it in my profile and taken it out a couple of times, for various reasons. Sometimes I've thought that I'm not bi *enough* to claim the label, but I know that's bullshit.
Anyway, I don't think I've ever actually stated it in public before, so this is that:
I'm bisexual.

Happy Pride
:fingerguns: :heart_bi:

@PostMasterGeneral HAPPY :bi: PRIDE! :heart_bi: :progresspride_flag:

(FWIW, I've very often felt "not bi enough" and it sucks as a feeling but I think is one shared by a lot of bi folks.)

@PostMasterGeneral I’m so hapbi for you! :HeartBisexual:

I hope you have a bi-utiful rest of your day :QueerCat_Bisexual:

@PostMasterGeneral When I first became aware of Pride as a child, I perceived it as a fringe thing that had nothing to do with anything in my life. Most of my life, I considered myself what's now called an "ally" though I didn't have a word for it. It wasn't until several years after I had dimly recognized my own bisexuality before I realized, hey, wait a minute, they're talking about ME! I don't know if I'm ever going to feel culturally included though. I guess now I just feel like a bi ally, as in an ally-who-is-bi. I still kind of feel like all the problems aren't really my problems, like I'm not a stakeholder.


Oh man, you said it.
I feel like, as a "straight-passing" bi, I haven't had to face really *any* of the obstacles or pressures a lot of other folks have had to deal with. I think that's what has made me reluctant to claim the label, up 'til now.

@PostMasterGeneral I mean, I had to deal with the ghost of my dad. Long way from nothing. But it wasn't a struggle to be bi, it was a whole package. It's hard to connect any of it.
@PostMasterGeneral My dad made me "sane-passing". Straight was just kind of incidental.

@PostMasterGeneral yessss another dope person for the bisexual lunch table!! Happy Pride bud, love you 💖💜💙

@PostMasterGeneral Feeling not bi enough is definitely a mood for me. Happy Pride

@nvi @PostMasterGeneral I keep misreading this as fingerpuns smh my head...

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