I got an "Extreme Origami" book for my birthday, and I 100% do not have the patience, manual dexterity, or intelligence to do any of these. I'm *Extremely* frustrated.
Like, do the people that design the step-by-step drawings in Origami books go to a special school where they learn how to be deliberately unclear in such a way that you wonder how you've functioned in the real world to this point?


@PostMasterGeneral I'll be honest, if you can't fold a crane, I'm not sure I have trust in you regarding more complicated things. :blobcheeky:



You can't discount what I bring to the table in terms of enthusiasm for the job at hand.


@PostMasterGeneral Enthusiasm is important, vital even, but there has to be *some* substance. Keep practicing your butterflies!

@PostMasterGeneral If you want to give it another try, i can probably help explaining some steps. There's also a good chance of finding YouTube videos if the models are popular amongst enthusiasts.


Hey, thanks!
I will definitely take you up on that if YouTube doesn't get me up to speed!

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