@PostMasterGeneral probably a fox, they make a lot of godawful noises, usually sounding like a woman being murdered

@wolfie You gave me an idea and I went to Youtube. Now I'm 90% sure this is just coyotes.

@Juju @wolfie

It sounded larger than a fox.
I've heard foxes and coyotes before, and I don't think it was either of those, but I could be wrong.

The sound had a nasal quality that I associate with like, Moose or Elk or something like that. Could have been a juvenile moose, but I don't think they sound like that either.

@PostMasterGeneral @wolfie Since it sounds like a horse I was also initially guessing a deer of some kind. Youtube hasn't given me anything close so far, though.

@PostMasterGeneral @Juju @wolfie definitely a coyote. They have a weird variety of yappy yells. Here's one that's pretty similar


@infernusgoatus @Juju @wolfie

I've definitely heard coyotes around before, but usually only at night, and usually as a pack - never in the daylight, and never a single coyote. I'm not a coyote expert though, so maybe there's a reason that a single coyote would be making those noises after daylight. 🤷‍♂️

The thing that's unnerving to me, is that it sounds a lot like something trying to sound *like* a coyote, and not *quite* getting it.

@PostMasterGeneral @Juju @wolfie

Yeah it's definitely unnerving the first time you hear it! They do howling/singing during the night as a family group, but the coyote in your video is doing distress barks/yips. Probably got disturbed by a dog or person. Here's a good resource on it (along with more videos).


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