There are two groundhogs on my lawn having a meeting about whether or not the loud music coming from my office is a threat or not.
The first one came alone, stared at my window for like, ten minutes, and then left and came back with the other one. Now they're both just staring at me.

Maybe they just really dig mid-2000s Ska-Punk...

@PostMasterGeneral there are two groundhogs inside your lawn, which one do you play music for?


They seem pleasant enough.
I've been watching them all season, and they stay away from the house, and if they're digging holes (I know they are) they're not doing it where I can see it. 🤷‍♂️
Perfect guests, frankly.

@PostMasterGeneral that's nice of them to stay away from the house. Tell them to stay cool!

@Gobophilly @PostMasterGeneral groundhogs seem like chill li'l units, i am glad they were enjoying your vibe

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