Tarantula Picture in "News" Article 

"The No. 1 Sign There's a Tarantula in Your Home, Experts Warn"

There is a large population of mice in your home claiming that Tarantulas are very survivable, and the threat has been blown way out of proportion by the liberal media.

@PostMasterGeneral is the implication that a tarantula would be drinking your tarantula milk? I think it'd make more sense to say your fly milk is gone. I don't want any of those "mother's milk" tarantula weirdos in my house.


No, that's that brand name. "Tarantula Milk - The *Only* Milk for Tarantulas!"

re: Tarantula Picture in "News" Article 

@PostMasterGeneral That’s a photo of a stressed spider that has rubbed big patches of urticating hairs off its abdomen. A healthy spider uses its legs to flick these hairs at threats but a stressed spider will neurotically rub itself bald even while alone.

@PostMasterGeneral you find a tiny envelope on the table that contains half the rent and utilities in tiny tarantula dollars


Heck, even if I can't spend the tarantula dollars, I respect the gesture. They can stay.

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