@PostMasterGeneral idk about ultimate favorite, but we go through a surprising amount of ponzu in this household

@PostMasterGeneral homemade honey mustard with spicy or stone ground mustard

@PostMasterGeneral it's just the one I've had that tastes best. Same way I prefer premium golden light by pearl river bridge for my light soy sauce.

@PostMasterGeneral I wish I was more of a connoisseur but I usually just grab whichever one says ‘smoky’ on the label


That's fair! 🤣

Can you get Sweet Baby Ray's where you are? Their Honey Barbecue sauce is amazing if you like a sweet sauce!

@PostMasterGeneral Of the mother sauces, mayonnaise. Of all sauces...Frank's Red Hot.

@PostMasterGeneral Of 'sauces that are not a condiment', probably Japanese curry sauce.

@PostMasterGeneral Their old tagline 'I put that sh*t on everything' is legit.

I was *very* pleased when they started making it available in the UK.

@PostMasterGeneral bearnaise or green pepper sauce are very close together for me.

Healthy Boy Green Siracha Chili Sauce
Windmill Hot Pepper Sauce
Flying Good Brand Siracha Hot Chili Sauce

@PostMasterGeneral Goose Brand Sriracha (red lid). Before you ask, it's just the only Sriracha I've found around here. Well, the green lid as well, but that's milder.

@PostMasterGeneral That's condiments, though.

Otherwise, well, sugo because pasta. Followed by bechamel because lasagna.

Didn't occur to me before, because I treat them as components of a meal. Technically sauces, though.

@PostMasterGeneral same

also Danish remoulade, the cheaper the better

and satay / peanut sauce

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