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I'm having a shitty day, so instead of working, I'm celebrating this with a pair of black and white photos. Why b&w? Because my face is so red I can't stand to look at it!

Selfie, Eye Contact 

What up, friends?
It's another , and I'm glad to see you!
I hope you are having a day that you could reasonably refer to as, "Good."

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"Justin Timberlake Confirms He and Wife Jessica Biel Welcomed Second Child Named Phineas"

You'd think *one* child named Phineas would have been enough for them but they've gone and done it again.

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Almost forgot!
It's another !

Here's a selfie! I shaved off most of my beard, and I hate it!

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Is it again already?
Yes! continues, as we all gasp a collective sigh of... what, if not relief at the demise of 2020? The Long Year is over and the world looks forward, not because our problems are behind us, but because hope, more than anything else, is human nature, and we have no fucking choice but to believe this year will be better than the last.
Frankly, 2020 was pretty good for me, all things considered. But 2021 can still be better. 🤷‍♂️

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Today we're bringing that slightly-unhinged post-christmas/pre-new-years energy for this .
This has been a year, folks. We're almost there.

Selfie, Eye Contact 

Oof, I'm not feeling it today, folks.
Still, it's , and one of the last in , so I gotta selfie, I *gotta*.
I took several pictures, and deleted all of them, and I'm at the "Fuck It 🤷‍♂️" point in the photo-selection process, so here's this, I guess.

Also, this Chemical Brother's song is 2 seconds over the 7-minute threshold.

Doesn't anybody care about the rules?

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I've never *once* met a Sticker that I knew what to do with.

Same goes double for Patches.

Shoutout to this bad boy that I've been carrying around since 1997!

Selfie, Eye Contact 

Almost let a slip by, unselfied! Are we still in ? I think so. Anyway, here's my dang face. Sorry about all the Picard-Posting tonight!

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