And I'm not talking about shaking your head at a bad call, they're like verbally harassing the umps after they strike out. I don't care how right you are, bitching at the umpire is fucking whiny baby behavior.

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Like, the umpires make mistakes, and they home plate umpires have made a *lot* of mistakes in this series, but show a little class.

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I have never seen a team bitch at the umpire about strike/ball locations more than the Oakland Athletics in this series against Boston.

A new playlist! I kept the songs in order so both songs people submitted stayed together to see how different or similar they are. There's an uneven number - one song was too long - but no worries, I arranged them so for most of the playlist it goes: what they think I'm listening to, what I'm actually listening to

Apologies for the clearly too difficult topic: I get surprised by Wednesdays and had to find SOMETHING so I wouldn't skip a week again.

You're walking down the street like a normal person. That is what normal people do, right?
Anyway, send me the song people think you're listening to and the song you're actually listening to,
both 🔴 per DM in reply to this toot 🔴.
These are the basic rules, please read them first:


He has a reputation for being "whacky" but he's mostly just an idiot. 😆


They keep showing commercials during Red Sox games for a fishing show called Charlie Moore Outdoors, in which "The Mad Fisherman" holds a freshly caught fish up to his mouth and shouts, "How ya doin'?" directly into the fish.

I find it extremely unsettling every single time, and they must show it at least 3 times a game.

Niche Complaint: I don't like it when Charlie Moore hollers directly into a fish.

@Juju @moiety

Every Monday, I open my camera to take selfies, take 10, hate them all, delete them, and resolve to try again next week. 🤷‍♂️

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