The next time a German tries to give you shit about the way Americans format their dates, ask them how they fucking say the number 123.

It's playlist time! It's called The One That's Judgmental and it has songs you now love that a younger version of yourself would judge you for on it.
It's overwhelmingly female so good for us now but our younger selves? Yikes.

Enjoy and thank you for participating! #MastoSourcedPlaylist

If you see this toot and want to be part of the project just follow this account and the next prompt is coming on Wednesday.

Just a reminder that I'm in Europe and this boost was the last reminder until the deadline tomorrow at 10AM CET.

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I feel like bands should have at least three studio albums before they put out a Live album. Two isn't enough.


This is why they're called, "buns."

Also, I've never been to one of those Rocky Horror shows where they yell and throw stuff - it sounds unpleasant. I want to sit quietly in my living room, staring silently at the tv, not smiling or making any sounds whatsoever, only occasionally whispering to myself, "This is hilarious."


They're holding a dinner roll suspended between them with their butts. Food between friends.


You can't be stood up for something the other person didn't know about. 🤷‍♂️

Cadbury Mini Eggs are the only holiday candy I get excited for anymore.

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