I bet there's a guy at the pickle factory that comes in every morning and says, "Rise and Brine, everyone!" and all his coworkers hate him.


I like listening to you when you're excited about something. 🤷‍♂️🤣


I actually first thought it was Sally Ride who died in the Challenger, and was *rill* confused when Wikipedia said she died in 2012.

There Are frickin' otters in my pond and I'm pretty happy about it.


I watched the first three eps of S3 on YouTube! I don't know if the whole season is there, but I got a good dose of 1982 Bob.


Look for our official Snake Post Office Postboxes in *your* town!

If you find a snake somewhere they shouldn't be, they are probably lost. Please kindly direct them back to your local post office.

<Talking about watching episodes of This Old House>

:justinfanart: I just wish there were a way to watch old episodes from the 80s and 90s, the ones with Bob Vila.

:julesfanart: (delighted gasp) Bob Vila is a real person?


The Snake Post Office Department of Human and Snake Resources has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to so-called "Floaters."
Not only could you lose your job, but you could face jail time.

We *have* had at least one situation where a smaller snake "fell in" and couldn't get back out, but they were making so much noise in their panic that there was no question as to what the situation was.

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The Snake Post Office

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