men being abhorrent on the internet (joke) 


I can't believe you'd post my deck on the internet. That was just for you!

Honestly, the snakes have no objections to wearing masks while they work, but none of us have any idea how to get the masks to stay on their little earless faces.

re: COVID Poll 


Yikes. I hope things turn around for you.



I'm 100% certain they'll refuse to wear a mask all day.


At this point in the pandemic, if I'm Vaxxed and Boosted, is it unreasonable of me to not want to work in close proximity to an UnVaxxed Coworker for a day?

What kind of candy do you think it was that guy smelled anyway?

Sex Words 

According to The Joy of Sex (1972) no one should ever shave their armpits because it ruins Cassolette (armpit fucking).

The absolute injustice of a car driving by while I'm outside, potentially perceiving me without my consent.

When The Youths talk about 90s fashion revival I point them to Color Me Badd's video for the song, All 4 Love, and ask, "This? You want to bring *this* back?"

And then we both just end up watching the video because it's a fun song.

food, relationship 


It's still a date!
I didn't know the pizza place was closed on Monday's!


I come to, as if waking from a dream, and wonder, was this a good podcast? I have no idea. Better keep listening.


Snakes don't have hipbones.
Or *all* they have is hipbones, I don't know, I'm not a snake doctor (snoctor).

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