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@PostMasterGeneral I appreciate you telling people to follow me because I love growing my cult but no one has to. They just need to consent for me to send them DMs and all's good. I toot *[French accent] garbage.

It's day, and the last one that I'll be running myself! After this @Juju will be taking over, so please follow her if you're not already!

It's the One About the Early 90s!
100 Songs released from 01Jan1990 to 31Dec1994!

Some absolute *jams* on this one!
Shuffle up and enjoy!

So, if you're currently on my list and *don't* want your handle shared with @Juju for some reason, please let me know via DM ASAP (like Right Now), otherwise, I'm just going to give her the list of handles and let her take it from here. I don't know if she intends to stick to the same schedule or not - honestly we didn't discuss that part of it.

Obviously if you don't follow her, and you want to continue participating, you'll need to do that.

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So, I've made a decision.
I'm going to step away from the for a while. Indefinitely. Maybe forever.
Today's my last one.


Julia has volunteered to keep running it for the foreseeable future! I'm not sure what changes she intends to make - I know she's got lots of ideas about how to make things easier - I'm just very happy that it won't die because I'm tired of doing it right now.

I want to be in a band, but I don't want to be responsible for writing anything, or being creative at all. I just want to play bass and have some talented but pushy guitarist yell at me, "No, you're doing it wrong. It's an E *flat*, you dumb motherfuck!" And then we'll play together and it'll sound good, and people will be like, "Wow, these guys rock."
That's all I want.

Like, just pick songs you love. If that happens to be something no one's heard before, great, add it.
But if you're disregarding your first thought (or your first 10 thoughts) to get to something suitably "Unknown"..... like, why?

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In talking with a few people about the , I think I've figured out what bugs me about some of the songs that end up on the final lists.

Like, I understand that everyone has different taste in music, and that it would be foolish to assume that I personally would like every song that gets submitted. But a friend, said he goes out of his way to pick stuff no ones ever heard of before, to "show people something new," and I feel like a lot of folks are doing that. Don't do that.

Just off the top of my head, I came up with 25 songs that I want to put on this week's playlist. 😐

Did you know that @PostMasterGeneral has a podcast?
I'd say "listen to the Taskmaster one because I was a guest" but that's only theoretical. I was present but I didn't say a lot.

@PostMasterGeneral I seem to have managed to completely forget that the late 90s is a weird collection of music I love and music I absolutely loathe.

@PostMasterGeneral gosssh, stabbing westward! Haven't heard that in yearsss, feels very nostalgic! Thank you secret adder!

@tessaracked @PostMasterGeneral would wager a lot that whoever picked these is like the only person even close to my age

@PostMasterGeneral I definitely considered Fiona Apple, Radiohead, and Fountains of Wayne, glad other folks included them!

@PostMasterGeneral Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space was on my short list, so shout out to whoever added that.

I think I made a mistake, and added No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom instead of Just a Girl, which has been fixed now, but now I'm not positive that someone else didn't actually add Tragic Kingdom too, so if that was you, please DM me! 🙄

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@PostMasterGeneral I want to hug whomever put Skunk Anansie on there, they were fucking great and I'd totally forgotten about them

Holy Toledo, it's Day, and this one turned out pretty good, I think!

It's the One About the Late 90's!

Fricking 5 hours of absolute *jams* from my teen years. Shuffle up and enjoy!

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