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I already knew this, but jesus, trying to make a living as a touring musician sounds fucking miserable.

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Gonna watch this documentary about The Slackers I've been meaning to check out for six months!

What's Kenny G up to these days? Still playing that weird recorder?

I'd like to remind you this is literally the plot of Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

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lewd, container ships 

has Chuck Tingle announced "Pounded in the butt by a 400m long container ship" yet

Sometimes I think I follow too many people and I should purge down to the folks I actually care about engaging with, and other times I refresh my timeline 30 times in a row looking for one new toot to read.

Let me tell you, if The Snake Post Office was in charge of giant ships, none of this Suez nonsense would have ever happened.

Putting myself on notice for giving myself snake-related intrusive thoughts this morning.

Like, how many snakes is *too many* snakes, really? Asking for a friend.

Petition to return the boat to its rightful position, wedged in the canal. Man should not interfere with God's Plan and they obviously put it there for a reason.

In my mind, everyone who has interacted with this is cheekily admitting that they are in fact incognito celebrities.

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Math/woodworking Nerds - HELP

If I have a 5-sided shape, and I know the lengths of 4-sides, and 3 of the 5 angles are 90deg, how do I find the length of the remaining side?

ADHD, Meds 

I think I just did the longest (mostly) uninterrupted stretch of work I've done since the beginning of the panini. This is day 3 of adhd meds.

Here's The One With Good Versions Of Bad Songs with good covers of songs you don't like the original of:

Thanks for helping to put this together!

The Devil, planning his next big trick:

Copperfield: [walks through the Great Wall]

The Devil: Goddammit, not again, Copperfield!

Violently slapping my mouse around, trying to figure out which monitor the cursor is on.
That's *my* anti-drug!

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