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This is fucking incredible.
1981's Dance Craze, in its entirety.

Completely worth your time, especially if you've ever been even a little bit curious about 2-Tone Ska.
The beginning is a little whacky, but after that it's just incredible live performances.

I'm currently reading "In Defense of Ska" by Aaron Carnes, and it's pretty good, and only does that a tiny bit, but it's something I've been seeing a lot more of lately, and it fucking sucks.

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I keep seeing this thing in the Ska Community (Skammunity) where people get shitty about Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake being the only bands people know, and that they're not "real ska fans" or whatever, and like, fuck that noise.
Don't gatekeep. Let people like what they like. Maybe if you're not an asshole, folks will stick around long enough to learn about some other cool bands. 🤷‍♂️

Selfie, Eye Contact 

Well, I haven't done a or a in a while, so here's my pink face and my extremely green banana shirt that matches @Juju 's banana dress, both of which were made by her!

And I'm not talking about shaking your head at a bad call, they're like verbally harassing the umps after they strike out. I don't care how right you are, bitching at the umpire is fucking whiny baby behavior.

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Like, the umpires make mistakes, and they home plate umpires have made a *lot* of mistakes in this series, but show a little class.

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I have never seen a team bitch at the umpire about strike/ball locations more than the Oakland Athletics in this series against Boston.

A new playlist! I kept the songs in order so both songs people submitted stayed together to see how different or similar they are. There's an uneven number - one song was too long - but no worries, I arranged them so for most of the playlist it goes: what they think I'm listening to, what I'm actually listening to

Apologies for the clearly too difficult topic: I get surprised by Wednesdays and had to find SOMETHING so I wouldn't skip a week again.

You're walking down the street like a normal person. That is what normal people do, right?
Anyway, send me the song people think you're listening to and the song you're actually listening to,
both 🔴 per DM in reply to this toot 🔴.
These are the basic rules, please read them first:

Niche Complaint: I don't like it when Charlie Moore hollers directly into a fish.

How do you feel about general themes instead of "your favorite songs"?

So apparently, Polyvinyl's Direction playlist changes ever week, and now the kickass ska playlist is gone. 🙄

If I'd known, I would've made more effort to heart songs I liked. 🤷‍♂️

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I've been through this playlist about four times over the last week, and it's really, *really* good.
It covers such a wide swath of ska adjacent music: old-school Jamaican ska, 2-Tone, 3rd wave Ska-Punk, dub, rocksteady, reggae, ska-core - it's all there and all really good!

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Our favorite billionaire Melinda Gates is getting divorced. Send me two songs
🔴 per DM in reply to this toot 🔴
you think will be on her getting-ready-for-a-bumble-date playlist.
These are the basic rules, please read them first:
Bonus: Send me a song Bill listens to while crying into his ice cream alone in the dark, surrounded by old Win '95 CDs from The Good Old Days.

PSA: If you hit that bell in this account's profile you get notified when it posts. Because I only post the prompts and then the playlist it's like getting those DMs Justin sent out back in the good ol' days.

(I can't be bothered to add the bing emoji to my instance, but pretend that the sentence you're currently reading is that emoji): Where do ducks be sleepin'?

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