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The Slackers got their name when Vic Ruggiero, Dave Hilyard, and Glen Pine entered and won a local slackline competition - the only time in the history of the sport that a trio of participants have competed as a single entity.

Q: Just who *is* the "Rudy" in all the Ska songs anyway?

A: American screenwriter and actor, Rudy De Luca, best known for his work with filmmaker Mel Brooks!

The raw *power* of the Clarinet is too much for most Ska bands - that's why it's all trumpets, trombones, and saxophones.

Here we have a classic "What did you listen to last" playlist. Enjoy!

Thank you very much for participating. See you on Sept 29th!

There is currently no bigger Ska Scene than the one in Dubuque, Iowa - *anywhere*!
At various points in history, the epicenter of Ska could be pinpointed to a specific part of the world. We all know them: Jamaica in the 60s. England in the late 70s. Southern California in the 90s.
And now? Dubuque!

The employees of The Snake Post Office don't have "hope and dreams" - they have *Asp*irations.

The 1999 album, Life of the Party, by The Planet Smashers is notable for one major reason:
It's one of the last commercially released albums to have masters recorded directly to wax cylinder.

Choking Victim actually *were* all choking victims. Every single member was a ghostly musician who died in a choking mishap - except "Skwert" who just really likes ghosts.

Everyone in the Boston-based, Big D and The Kid's Table speaks fluent Esperanto.

I slept for 3 hours today so we're going to go with an easy, uncreative topic because I can't think of anything else.
What are the last 2–3 songs you've listened to (or heard, if you were just in a grocery store and can remember)?
Send them to me
🔴 per DM in reply to this toot 🔴
Here are the rules:

Since it was almost 90°F this afternoon, I decided it was the perfect time to reorganize my boardgames by color. I'm a sweaty gross mess, but it's done.

The Catch 22 / Streetlight Manifesto song, "Dear Sergio" is actually about prolific cartoonist, Sergio Argonés, probably most well-known for his contributions to MAD Magazine.

If we accept that vampires are real *and* we accept that after becoming a vampire, they retain the thoughts and memories and personalities from their human life, *then* we have to accept that there are at least *some* vampires out there with foot fetishes, who *only* bite people on their feet.

Many people think Ska came from Jamaica, but it actually originates in, and derives its name from, Scandinavia, or "Skandinavia" as it appears in many regional dialects.

In a 1999 attempt to cash in on the 3rd wave Ska boom at the time, Paramount Pictures / ViacomCBS produced a test pilot ska-themed Star Trek spin-off called, Ska Trek, starring Liv Tyler as Lieutenant Olivia Hornsby.
Despite a cameo from trombone-playing Jonathan Frakes (reprising his role as William T. Riker), the pilot did not test well with focus groups, and all tapes were subsequently destroyed.

@PostMasterGeneral When this pheromone is present in the air, special scent receptors in the roof of the mouth pickitup pickitup pickitup.

Listening to Ska doesn't make you better looking, but Skanking *does* activate a specific gland in your body that produces a *powerful* pheromone that other people will find irresistible.

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