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Day 5 of #inktober.
The prompt is mushroom.

I have learned that watercolor pencils are the worst and that I should've left this a pencil sketch.

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Day 4 of #inktober.
The prompt is candy.
I really did the least with this but at on the plus side the porcupine has some seasonal snacks.

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Day three, “pareidolia, the perception of significant patterns or faces in random or accidents arrangements of shapes and lines”

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Attention everyone. 🚨
This is the last post on this account. I'm suspending the playlist.
It has been fun but it's also been stressing me out a lot more than I'd like. I did this in my free time and people (mostly strangers that had no interest in participating) were harassing me about it every single week.
So this is it. Thanks for participating and I might do one from time to time on my main, just not a scheduled one.

Day one of the October daily drawing challenge, “Ignis!” I’m using the Obscutober III prompt list

Making a bunch of 5 year olds salute the american flag and chant in unison an oath of fealty to the faceless bureaucracy of empire is real sicko behavior

Day 1 of #inktober!
(I'm doing #jujutober actually: a list of prompts I made up with some other people. This is about getting in the habit of drawing every day and learning plus we didn't like the official prompts. 😆)

WE ALL SHALL REIGN SUPREME and this is the soundtrack for that.
CW suicide for "Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist"

Thank you everyone for participating and I will see you on 27th Oct.


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It's that time of the month again!
Germany lost Angela Merkel on Sunday and elected a new chancellor. So now imagine that person is you (doesn't have to be Germany, you were just elected head of state *somewhere*). Send me 2 or 3 songs
🔴 per DM in reply to this toot 🔴
that you want to be played at your inauguration when you're being sworn in.

Here are the rules:

The closest thing to a shame-worthy addiction I have is to Monster Loca Mocha coffee-flavoured energy drinks.

I usually buy a few of them at the store - Ok, I buy 7 every week, so I can have one a day. The last time, the clerk scanned one and said, "Oh, I can't drink these. I vibrate right out of my skin. Too much for me."
And I said, "If I don't consume a certain amount of caffeine every day, I get bad headaches."
And they looked at me like I was admitting to doing a heroin every morning.

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