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Day 28 of #inktober.
The prompt is coffin.
I had a bad day yesterday so here's my masterpiece :D

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Day 26 of #inktober.
The prompt is ghost.
Added some little toxic ghosties to my cauldron.

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Day 24 of #inktober.
The prompt is skull.
I'm not having the best day so a pencil sketch has to be good enough.

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Day 23: Bat

A quick one today. Please ignore the pencil lines that would *not* fully erase. 😠

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Day 22 of #inktober.
The prompt is caterpillar.
I made a decision, it was the wrong one but you live and you learn.

Day 21 of #inktober.
The prompt is leaf/leaves.
It went so well and I feel like I ruined it with the masking marker that was WAY too thick. I need to draw bigger. But that's really intimidating.

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Skipping lunch (because I know I'm going out to dinner later) seemed like a good idea at noon. The view from 2pm is very different.

Adding three hours to my workday sucks.
Finding out that it was completely avoidable and unnecessary is infuriating.

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