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Are you aware that "nazi" is an abbreviation for "national socialist" because that's how the first four letters of "Nationalsozialist" are pronounced and that they are therefore the same thing?

When I was 18 or 19, a woman in a music store told me I had bagpiper's fingers. I know she was just trying to sell me bagpipes, but that has stayed with me for over two decades.

Do sighted people (or people who otherwise don't feel that image descriptions are for them) look at image descriptions here?

Generally I mean, not necessarily "always" or "never."

Which kind of creature are you (by nature, not by circumstance)?

(You can only pick one, I don't make the rules.)

Blueberries must be ripe, 'cause all the bird shit's purple now.

Getting to hear strange men come to your girlfriend's door to ask her out is a part of long distance dating I wasn't prepared for.

Luckily, she told him no.

Also, men: don't ask women you don't know out at their homes. That's creepy as fuck.

It's always boomers too. Always.

You were let in because we didn't have a choice, and now you're making me want to do a crime.

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Our office is locked 24/7 and is not open the public, and when someone who does not work here is inside, I am anxious until they leave.

Please stop chit-chatting and be on your way, sir.

I just ate a calzone, and I feel much better...

Maybe I was just hungry?

So, do you eat your kiwi with the skin on or are you a coward?

Sometimes you just have to rock, you know? No matter what the other people on the plane say about my jaw harp.

I'm mainly interested in socialism for the napportunities (nap opportunities).

You should just be allowed to take a nap whenever you want and your employer just has to fucking deal with it.

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