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Made the mistake of trying to poll The Snake Post Office sorting room "by a show of hands" and now I have a meeting with HaSR (Human and Snake Resources) scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Just broke a molar and now I'm realizing that neglecting to find myself a local dentist for the last two years was a real dumb thing to have done to myself.

@touk ska horns in the morning, skankers take warning

Ska horns at night, rudeboys' delight

I finished Stray last night, and I legit think I may start over and play through it again right away.

Do I have legit work to do this morning? Yes, yes I do.

Am I doing any of it? So far, no.

Also, I think that means that chick peas are mathematically very small Cannelloni noodles.

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The existence of Tortelloni and Tortellini, implies a diminutive Macaroni, Macarini.

I heard that every time Randy Newman bones he sings "I've got a friend in you," to his partner. I heard that.

I just started to correct someone on the internet about a comic book, but I pulled myself back from the brink.
That was a close one.

Love to ask a progress-halting yes/no question of a co-worker and get left on read for a half hour.

That's Me Time, baby

Before we get to our next guest, can I tell you a joke?
What did DJ Jazzy Jeff say to his good friend, Will Smith, when he came over with a delicious food prep box he'd just received in the mail?
"Hello, Fresh!"
That's right, this week's episode is sponsored, in part, by Hello Fresh!
Hello Fresh! Take the stress out of mealtime!

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What's up guys, it's your boy, Justin, Post Master General of the Snake Post Office Online! Do we have a show for you! Remember to like, subscribe, and slither your way over to that bell icon so you'll be the first to get your fangs into our newest videos!
Before we get into it, I want to talk to you about erectile dysfunction. Nobody likes a droopy snake in their postbox, am I right? That's why The Snake Post Office Online has partnered with Hims! Hims: Health and wellness, as it should be!

Look, I know I have no business complaining about the heat here in Maine, but I am not built for this shit.

I have strapped an ice pack to my back, and I'm just trying to get through the workday.

Hearing a countdown and being unable to determine to what it's counting down is a newly discovered source of anxiety.
It could be *anything*!

The United Snakes Postal Service proudly supports a mother's right to eat as many of her own eggs as she chooses.

"It's too early for this shit," really has no connection to time or place. It's a mindset. And buddy? Right now? It's too early for this shit.

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